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Is it possible to buy a Nebosh diploma online?

Nebosh diploma full sets
Is it possible to buy a Nebosh diploma online? A lot of people when choosing NEBOSH certificate, all in the hesitation, exactly is to choose the price is low, less difficulty NEBOSH HSW certificate, or expensive NEBOSH IGC certificate, or moderate price IOGC certificate?  buy Nebosh diploma full sets documents.

First, what is the difference between HSW, IGC and IOGC?

International General Certificate (IGC) International General Certificate.NEBOSH IGC can be simply understood as the international general certificate for occupational health and safety in the UK, equivalent to the certificate of registration of security engineers at home.The difference is that the former is internationally recognised, and the latter is domestic recognition.

International Technical Certificate in Oil and Gas Operational Safety, or IOGC, International Oil and Gas operation Safety Certificate.NEBOSH IOGC can simply understand the safety certificate for international oil and gas operations, the qualification of specially designed for the safety of the oil and gas industry personnel, focusing on international standards and management system, to help students in offshore and onshore effectively fulfill the responsibility for security in the workplace, the training is focused on health and safety hazards in the process of oil and gas industry operation control technology and its management.This is specifically for oil and gas industry for effective operation of safety management in the new certificate, focusing on the international qualification standards and management system, make the students both in the workplace of sea and land to work safety, reduce accidents and cost savings for the enterprise.

Health and Safety at Work (HSW), Work Health and Safety certificate.The NEBOSH HSW can be simply understood as the British occupational safety and health qualification examination, which is the entry level certificate, the first step in the study of NEBOSH higher level certificate (NEBOSH IGC and NGC etc.).At present, many large enterprises are the NEBOSH course learning as the main content of the management staff career development, to strengthen the company's management staff awareness of risk and control, establish an effective safety culture within the enterprise, to ensure that effectively manage the risks in operation.Especially overseas or expatriate staff, it is necessary to obtain this certificate to enter the foreign party to do the homework.In addition, the holder of the NEBOSH certificate will be eligible to apply to join the British occupational safety and health association (IOSH), which is the main professional association in HSE.

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