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1.By Western Union, If you are  in USA, UK, Australia or Candan. you can pay online, and western union support credit/debit card. For other countries, if it doesn't support to     transfer online, you can find a nearest WU location to send money.
Online WU payment address https://www.westernunion.com/us/en/send-money/start.html

2.By MoneyGram, It's easy to pay by MoneyGram, you can pay online or find a MoneyGram location as well.
Online MoneyGram payment address https://secure.moneygram.co.uk/locations

3.By International Wire Transfer, You can make a payment by Wire Transfer online or go to the bank. usually It takes about 1-3 days to reach our account, but in some         countries just several minutes is enough, different situations in different countries. so if you are urgent, this is not a good option.

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